Saturday, June 15, 2013

Dogs, Kids and Dog Tricks

Schools out for summer and what's a bored kid to do?   

Malia's been training the dogs and both she and the dogs have been loving it.  I don't know who's been having more fun with this, Malia or the dogs.  Mini Mouse especially adores it. I don't know if it's because of the treats involved because it's clicker trained or she just thinks it's fun.  Malia taught her sit and lie down and to walk nicely on a leash first.  Then she moved onto the "tricks" of spinning around in a circle and to shake hands or paws if you will.   

She's been using the workbook  for 101 Dog Tricks which has flash cards that rate each trick 1 - 4 for difficulty and on the back of each card are the written instructions for each step of training a trick.   It's a neat little book.  It's got a dvd with it too.   It's probably the best book on training various tricks and we've read quite a few books on the subject.