Sunday, April 10, 2016

Napoleon, Puppies and Getting Caught up


Meet Napoleon.   He's one of our newest puppies born late January.  Right now he's the only one I have individual photo's of.  Hopefully that will change this week and I'll get his littermates photo's taken as well, but for now the only one being cooperative was this little guy.

Napoleon with his little stuffed squeaker toy.   

This guy is so sweet.   He was the "runt" of the litter although all the puppies were pretty uniform size wise.   They are all also really friendly with everyone.   They went through a stage of chasing our chickens but now that they are too big to fit through the pickets in our fence and get into the front yard that has stopped thank goodness.   They are still pretty fascinated with our cats when the cats are out in the front yard.   

Napoleon will have his own webpage on our website when I get time to get it all caught up again. Puppy pictures are the hardest.  Taking pictures of moving targets has always challenged me.  I sit down on the floor to click a few photo's and they get excited, run to get in my lap and it's all over. The next thing I know I'm cuddling and playing too!  They bring out the child in me every time.

Over the past couple of years I've had a small bookbinding business on Etsy that has taken so much of my time.   That and couple of health scares has really taken all of my free time.   I've missed being more engaged with all my Tibetan Terrier friends and sharing here so I put my shop in vacation mode and plan on the rest of this spring and summer being a time of getting back to basics.   I'm so looking forward to it too!


Thursday, September 25, 2014

So Just How Attached To Your Dog Are You?

If your reading this your probably like me, which means your pretty attached to your dog and probably consider him a family member.  You may even call him your fur child or your 4 legged kid.  Here at our house, my now 14 year old grew up being, affectionately referred to as my human puppy.  She knew, from me, that was a compliment of the highest order and now every once in a while in a tender moment she'll come give me a hug and say "I'm your human puppy" usually followed by a kiss on the cheek.

Want to compare your relationship with your dog to other peoples relationship with theirs?  In a Harris Poll  conducted in May 2011:
  • 91% of pet owners consider their pet to be family members.  
  • 57% Say they let their pets sleep with them frequently and only 23% say they never do.  
  • 60 % have bought their pet holiday presents 
  • 36% have bought their pet a birthday present
  • 24% have cooked specifically for their pet
  • 16% have dressed them in some type of clothing
  • 11% have taken their pet to work with them

And now there is even a test for measuring your attachment to your dog.
Psychologists at the university of Kentucky in Lexington have produced a simple test you can take.

The Lexington Pet Attachment index is an easy 6 question test.

Yes 5    Maybe 3    Don't know 1    No 0

  • Do you consider your dog a friend?
  • Do you talk to your dog?
  • Would you say that owning a dog adds to your happiness?
  • Do you talk to others about your dog?
  • Do you often play with your dog
  • Does your dog know how you feel about things?

The higher the your score, the higher your attachment to your dog.  The life of the same dog living with a high scorer would be very different from the life he would live with a low scorer.

Some picture sent to me over the years, from shopping to ATVing, couch time to out and about time.  We love our dogs!



My score was 30 BTW.  What was yours and what things do you and your dog share?


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Now is a great time ....

If your looking to add a new dog or puppy to your family we have both puppies and adults and males and females to choose from.

I have begun listing them on the website but not all are on there yet.  All our adults are housetrained, crate trained and know the basics.   The youngest puppies were born on Dec 17, 2013 but we also have a few puppies older than that available.  I do not anticipate having any litters for the remainder of 2014.

We will also have a few adult girls for sale over the spring and summer.

If you want a dog without the hassle of housetraining, puppy proofing your home or having to start from scratch now is the time to make the leap.  

Friday, November 1, 2013

Annie, I will miss you so


Ch. Barnstorms Ann of Ivy Gables

1/20/98 - 10/22/13

We lost Annie to renal failure and are heartbroken to not have her with us anymore.  Rest in peace Annie and know how much I will miss you each and every day.